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Our Thanksgiving wine suggestions

“What wine would you recommend for Thanksgiving dinner?” is always a tough question to answer. 

First things first — turkey and mashed potatoes doesn’t necessarily mean drinking white wine. If you like white wine, that’s great. But if it’s not your thing, reds can work well, too. Second — drink what you like. This holiday is going to be stressful enough without worrying if you’ve got the perfect pairing. 

Here are some of Richard’s recommendations from our selection:

White Wine

Les Charmes Chardonnay ($20) This chardonnay is crisp, fruity, a whisper of oak at most, which means it will cut through the richness of meal to provide a nice balance on the palate.

Hall Sauvignon Blanc ($25) This one of our favorite white wines. The fruit is ripe and full yet crisp. It is beautifully balanced and has a smooth finish.

Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne ($12) This affordable crowd pleaser tastes of pear and honeysuckle with a crispness to cut through that gravy coating your tongue. 

Red Wine

Rombauer Zinfandel ($35) A big, bold wine with turkey? Really? Yes, really. Zinfandel has been the choice at our Thanksgiving table for many years and this zin is big, fruity, with a nice level of tannins and a wonderful finish. 

Walt Pinot Noir ($34) This is a fantastic bottle of wine. Not too much oak, beautifully balanced, and ultra-versatile. It pairs well with many foods and it’s great drinking on its own.

Llanca Plana Montsant ($18) This fun vintage from Spain has crisp fruit, a clean finish, and is light enough not to overpower more delicate dishes. 

You can order wine online for curbside pickup or drop in and let us help you find the perfect wine for your Thanksgiving table. If you have already pre-ordered Thanksgiving dishes with us, we can simply add the wine to your order when you pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

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